Weaving a New Pattern

A cold northerly wind follows the ebb tide

water and air temperature equal

at half the human Fahrenheit

pushing back the effort

to lessen the long grip of winter;

Junuary we call it above the 45th

with wool and fleece still in force.

Somewhere in the deep cavern

carved by the Mississippi

bedrock is fissured, fractured

by the forces of pre history

and the latest Gulf war

signaling a step in evolution

or the end to a failed experiment.

I put my hands upon the Earth yesterday

with saw and shear saying yes or no

thinning madronna that thrives on this rock

fighting back thorns and strangling vines

building rock surrounds for seedling trees

against the threat of my own predation

using rake and cart to comb and brush

the energy of desire down through the tools

untangling and weaving a new pattern

speaking to Her in the simplest terms

letting Her know if I go or will stay.


6 Responses to “Weaving a New Pattern”

  1. Gene Latimer says:

    Love the title (& themes)…an invitation for our times.

  2. Last summer my energy created soil from sand, planted natives and seeds, and watered and fed all living in my garden. The response was magnificent and awe-inspiring.
    This year, I waited to see what she would do in this desert land. With little more than water, she grew plants over ten feet tall and invited me to join in creation.
    I think she wants me to stay.

  3. This reminded me that so much depends on observing individually the greed and avarice in my own heart and mind and being the blessing I want for mother earth. My natural tendency or the tendency of the mind in me is to first go to “how can I protect myself” or get what I want. There are much bigger questions.

  4. Bill Dare says:

    Beautifully poignant.

  5. Jim Frid says:

    Good work.

  6. Mark Dellamano says:

    “…a step in evolution or the end to a failed experiment.” It really does feel like we’re at that crossroads. Thanks for doing what you do to keep it in front of us.

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