Haunted and Searching

Haunted by the unseen
I searched for mystery
but only found a trackless sky,
the changing face of sea.
I saw a small hooded bird
still on a branch, then gone in an instant,
an otter dipping into dark water,
a thin brown snake with long gold stripe,
crows cawing at a solitary raven,
a rabbit disappear into thorny brush
and an eagle lift slowly toward the water
yet nowhere could I find the unseen,
not even when the owl cried,
the half moon surfaced from the clouds
and the night sky arced blue black and shining
with a flight of countless stars.




9 Responses to “Haunted and Searching”

  1. Bill Dare says:

    “…yet nowhere could I find the unseen” senseful whimsy and worth going within to find.

  2. David Banner says:

    Nor will you be able to with the senses……yet it is so palpably present!

  3. Bob Able says:

    Very nice my friend…

  4. Jim Ehmke says:

    Because it’s in the Mind.

  5. ron laws says:

    Yet, undeniablyy there – beautiful it is

  6. Paul Blythe says:

    I count myself among the unseen as I have been without the internet for over a month as I have moved home! I note my blog has been continually visited over this time so those visitors are also unseen in a sense. This life goes on like the falling branch in the forest as it is also unheard. Yet, our senses are set off by the unseen although “seeing is believing,” we are told!

  7. Wow! Such strong imagistic writing! I am this weekend leading a series of dream workshops at The Art Retreat at Mosswood Hollow, and in a dream or in active imagination, as in a poem world the reader enters, the image or image series is everything. Reading a series of images as you have here is like reading a spread of tarot card images–they speak to each other and create meaning in their subtle web of inter-relationships.

  8. Lawrence says:

    Searching for the essence of what you write with the camera and unfolding it later in processing is sine qua non. The interesting part is what the observer sees!

  9. Virginia Schoen says:

    Don, i really loved this poem We keep searching in everything. so many mysteries.

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