Breaking the Entrainment

Look hard enough, long enough
and the stitches begin to show,
the body wired and painted
with life-like color yet skin
explodes to the touch
like the hollow nest of a wasp;
the story of the monster obscure
though its bootprints cover the earth,
a deviant pied piper leading
with the mysterious power
of its robotic deformity.
Tall trees wave in the distance
on the morning breeze,
emerging through the spell
whole and unfettered,
breaking the entrainment
with the timeless antidote
of being truly alive.




4 Responses to “Breaking the Entrainment”

  1. Stan Grindstaff says:

    Whew… This one Don grabbed me at a gut level… Ancient wisdom still abides in the living, transcending all manipulations & cosmetic coverups… Whew!

  2. Man in his imperfection not knowing he is not fully alive but striving nontheless to reach through the tall trees’ antennae towards the heaven. The spark lives on obsured but ever pulled in one direction. Not exactly the response I would have thought but there just the same.

  3. David Barnes says:

    Whatever it takes … to break the entrainment, dissolve the spell, wake from the nightmare, the horror, the horror, the abomination of desolation … whatever it takes to become fully alive, that do! Thank you Don

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