Oceans of Morning

One day of summer and again skies are heavy laden,

air cool, water gray green and impassive;

otter and I are alone in the cove

his speckled head popping up

scanning the shore for predators

before arching his back in a fluid S

diving below for an unseen depth.

I want to travel to such places

beyond boundaries and fence posts

where passport and citizen are unknown

and bull kelp form temples of new ritual.

The northerly winds pick up the tide

helping the ebb in its long journey south,

spread water like a sacred manuscript

in cuneiform writing from the ancient of days.

Letting thought settle I decode the message

telling of a poet determined to live by the sea

and the music he would see and hear

played upon oceans of morning.

photo by Linda Ethier


12 Responses to “Oceans of Morning”

  1. Mel says:

    Loved it… Wonderful imagery…

  2. Eilish says:

    Beautiful poem. I love this photo too.

  3. Concetta says:

    Exquisite imagery, evocative photo, oh to be there in person!

  4. Thea says:

    Love the poem. Love the picture.

  5. Whether by the sea or in the desert, it is the visionary who sees beyond boundaries and into possibilities. Living in a place that makes your heart sing is fertile ground for creativity. Yesterday I stood on a hill in the desert and raised my hands toward billowing cloud formations and said, “Here I am”.

  6. Bob says:

    The last four lines and the photo depict the history of my marine-bent thoughts since childhood.

  7. Just when I thought I was sated with your poem, the picture served to add something that saturated my soul. I now can’t imagine one without the other.

  8. Lisa Kaaihue says:

    Loved the visualization and feeling this poem gave. Thank you for the gift!

  9. Rebecca Standish says:

    This will stay with me…..both word and photographic art – beautiful… Thank you!

  10. Sandy Jensen says:

    Now that is one of your best poems! You don’t tell me what to think; you just immerse me in the experience of image and imagination. Oh, yeah, you are so there! Bravo!

  11. Ted B;ack says:

    Nice description, but what makes it a poem? If the lines were strung together, it could be read as a paragraph out of a personal letter. In other words, I don’t feel any music in it. Which doesn’t condemn it. It’s a nice few lines to read. Just, for me, not a poem.

  12. Bill Dare says:

    My wife, “Otter Woman” says, “Beautiful!” Your imagery is balanced in the image well. Write on!

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