Iron Bound to Gratitude

She speaks about what’s passing
and the travail to come,
the devouring force
come full upon its tail
while silent ones
iron bound to gratitude
let another skin slip,
daring to stand still
while the wave rises
to reclaim the earth
in yellow buds,
a spring smile
on the old firs
as raptors circle,
green floods burst
and the whole earth




8 Responses to “Iron Bound to Gratitude”

  1. Interesting. The double use of “she” is mysterious. The first “she” appears to be Storm or Catastrophe or Global Warming or even The Morning News.

    The second “she” appears to be Spring, to be the Consciousness of Natural Change associated with the Earth, clearly a “her,” as well, but perhaps not a third female entity but a doubling of the Spring “she.”

    We are, of course, leaving Cancer and entering Gemini, so the arcane arts of Doubling and Mirroring appear on the playing board…

    “Skin slipping”. … favorite image award this morning…

  2. Robin Bryant says:

    Life Delighting in my Heart! My whole earth is Singing and Dancing in Response! In Gratitude! Thank You.

  3. David Barnes says:

    Lovely Don. Many layers, allusions and images descending and ascending from surface to great depth, from swirling motion and emotion to quiet and confident Presence. Fascinating juxtapositions.

    I am reminded of Whitman’s great poem, This Compost. Not at all the same form as your poem, but both referencing the Wonder inherent in what is transforming in the forces of renewal, the passing and the newly emerging.

  4. ron laws says:

    As my heart with our heart

  5. Anne says:

    Sounds like Kali or Leela to me, the two aspects of “Her”. !! I love the title, great juxtaposition: iron and gratitude, the two aspects of that as well. This poem makes the reader think to uncover the layers you have woven.

  6. Pichay says:

    My mind is sitting back and letting Gaia Spring forth. I require a certain silence of mind, a stillness letting sensory witness be its fullest.

  7. David Banner says:

    I would have loved to have this poem for my recent book LOVING IT ALL;LIVING WITH AN AWAKENING HEART…it would fit perfectly!

  8. Funny, I’ve never thought of iron as soft, warm, supportive and loving.

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