Into the Forever Reach

Steady rain on the island

drip, drip, drip.. awakening

swells across the channel

ocean lifted by wind and tide

surging to the lunar pull

always lifting, rising

until gravity drops

and waters rush back

glad to be home again

but only a respite

waiting upon dark night

with stars above the sea

listening for moon song

to travel once more

into the forever reach

toward union.


6 Responses to “Into the Forever Reach”

  1. Bill Dare says:

    We truly are one… always in union reaching for Source and Community… always returning.

  2. Sujin Kim says:

    Wonderful! I appreciate your work.

  3. Athena Coleman says:

    I love this poem, it reads like a song.

  4. Barb Cox says:

    You write such quiet refreshing things. Its beautiful. I enjoyed
    reading it.

  5. Living in sun-baked acres, I look forward to the moon song that calms the up-and-at-em sun song of my day. Winds abate as I breathe deeply the first cool waves of night air. No drip, drip here. Just an appreciation of cycles of wholeness.

  6. Robin Bryant says:

    This forever reach felt inside your wondrous imagery, inspires
    my movement to relax . . while creating all things within this endless
    shimmering flow. Thank You!

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