Play the Ancient Drum

I’ve outlived many beliefs
and though they’ve passed
I’m still here
with more than a few skins
shed behind me;
slow of step,
creaking to arise
I call to my ancestors
to guide me on the old road,
play the ancient drum
and stomp across the heavens
so I will hear and know
how to walk these miles
and behave like a man.



Ireland, Stone Ring


22 Responses to “Play the Ancient Drum”

  1. Ted Black says:

    Very fine, Don. Yes, and the world needs the ancient drum, and mature, strong men to play it now. Thank you.

  2. Beth Marks says:

    Words evoking a chill; like hearing the drum of tribal home.

  3. Lloyd Meeker says:

    Beautiful, Don. Thank you. Manhood is a work in progress, isn’t it?

  4. Jude Blitz says:

    May there be new and old support for each new step you are taking.

  5. ron laws says:

    Such a heartbeat to follow – always true

  6. Man, you sound reallly old! But poet personas can be any age, and this guy is convincingly rooted in the deepest age…bravo!

  7. Said like a true Bard who played and sang to the drum beat. Nowadays, that beat is within and listening is to the silence.

  8. Paul Blythe says:

    Just turning 77, I appreciate your sensitivity to this life transition. Thanks 🙂

  9. Sylvia McAfee says:

    Don, that is musical, beautiful, profound, touching, sad, glad…most of all it is a ‘gift’. Thank you.

  10. David Banner says:

    We ARE all a work in progress, and shedding those beliefs is important in lightening the load to “stomp across the heavens.”

  11. Jack says:

    Very powerful Don……skin and stones……

  12. Eilish says:

    Really beautiful

  13. Thanks Don, I love how your words evoke in me the same journey, letting go and letting go, to awaken to that which lies deep within.

  14. Eleanor GillMilner says:

    I felt your spirit arising from that ancient stone circle in your words and ancestors calling us and always guiding us.

  15. George GroscH says:

    WOW! Thank you Don.

  16. Thomas McDermott says:

    Very moving Don and rings true deep in my bones.

  17. There is a nice deep rhythm to this poem . . . as a man . . . I love this walk of life.

  18. Rodger Hyodo says:

    an ancient beat, in the stillness between the void and seeing — a man is loyal if nothing else

  19. Wonderful Don – very dear into my heart this resonating drum.

  20. Pichay says:

    I am reading from the lost teachings of Atlantis, scroll documents kept for ageless guidance in a Tibetan monastery. It is playing a particular drumbeat for me. Amidst my circle of stones is a boulder etched with “Universal Consciousness” and “Unselfish Loving.”

    We are of the age we are–somewhat factually so. Old for some, Not old for others. Thank you, Don.

  21. Mickey/Mom says:

    Beloved Don, What a beautiful poem! Thank you! At 88 years and blessing a heart valve replacement surgery, I find myself in a different space than many! And that is perfect for now. I do not hear drums nor am I aware of my ancestors I am in a space/time that is demanding a deeper, truer understanding and manifesting of Unconditional Love with compassion. I do not know what the form will be. As I ask, what now, LIFE? I keep hearing, “It doth not yet appear what you shall be!!! Some how I sense that the Hippy Movement, the LOVE Movement, the ones who embodied that movement are in a holding pattern in this evoluntionary great change. I do not know as much as I thought I did in the past, but I am so grateful to be in the Parade with all of you. So I hold each of you in my unconditional Love (in its present state) and hold our Humaness with Compassion.

  22. Chaz says:

    Soothing and stimulating simultaneously (uuuu – how’s that alliteration?!) Love the connection between playing the ancient drum, stomping across the heavens, and behaving like a man….

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