Gaia’s Lover

She called out from an island,
one among many of the inland sea.
In first light he raced with the ebb
keen to remain with the current
for the miles yet to travel,
yet as she lifted the veil from her beauty
he startled and turned, his gaze
then his boat, paddling toward the vision
of rock green and towering trees
like fresh water to his salt stained skin.
She marked him with a fleeting vision
and though he joined the rushing tide
he vowed beyond reason to return.
The courtship lasted years
though his future was fashioned
that first summer morning
to love and be loved by an island in the sea,
to live within her ever changing temple,
to let her spurned beauty
be the wealth of his life,
her waters his deepest solace,
his prayers for her most passionate;
strangely unnoticed and sorely abused
for her his simple attention matters most,
to be witnessed and seen in all of her phases,
admired and loved as a sentient being
in the tender regard of a true lover.


8 Responses to “Gaia’s Lover”

  1. Can’t relate to islands…but I sure feel that way about Mt. Shasta. John Muir said it best…”When I first beheld Shasta, my blood turned to wine”. Her pictures are in every room of my house. At first I felt a little silly, loving a mountain so. Now, I don’t care, as I tell people…I’ve got wine in my veins.

  2. The image of pristine consciousness recognizing that all things respond to love and all people respond in some way to the beauty of nature. She does respond back when there is that level of recognition. I love the poem and how I feel when I read it.

  3. Randy Hobbs says:

    Very beautiful and moving.

  4. I absolutely LOVE the line: “ let her spurned beauty be the wealth of his life,” I relate, as I had my awakening moment of feeling Gaia’s love through the river, rocks, trees, sun, sand in a forgotten part of a forest years ago.

    I poem came through me in those forever moments. It is titles “Earth Mother.” and is on my unfinished website under “Blossoms of Light” Sampler, if you wish to feast.

  5. David Banner says:

    Breathtaking, Don!!!!!!

    This is the key, isn’t it? To love this beautiful Mother………….

  6. Bill Dare says:

    It is good to share another’s heart with the Mother. Thank you for sharing yours.

  7. Elaine Pruliere says:

    Absolutely breathtakingly beautiful! :)))

  8. Maria Frid says:

    Over the years, I have heard religious folks say, “love the Father” & I don’t disagree. But any reference to loving Mother was always minimized. I welcome your passion & unmidigated love of Her. Our care & attention should equal to her unending givingness & beauty.

    Your poetry is absolutely stunning! Thank you!

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