Belonging to the Night

The bare trees and gypsy fog are in love
our dark valley full of their entwining,
no moon, only streetlight
and everywhere winter silence
holding their embrace
belonging only to the night
and unseen movement of the stars.





8 Responses to “Belonging to the Night”

  1. David Banner says:

    Yummy….winter silence here in WI at 14 degrees below zero!

  2. Jude says:

    Happy New Year Dear Don and to Linda too, your wonderful entwinement.

  3. Stan Grindstaff says:

    Simply splendid…

  4. Lloyd Meeker says:

    Beautiful, Don — thank you. Love the tension and eros between the transient gypsy fog and the sessile trees. A gypsy lover is never forever…

  5. Paul Blythe says:

    On a hot summer day here, I cool off and calm down as I remember all those images, especially the silence of fluffy new fallen snow.

  6. Eleanor GillMilner says:

    After reading your words I am imagining CHAOS in a quiet space before the next beginning. The new little 2014 baby will need quite a bit of help from us this year, but I look forward to the lifting of the fog.

  7. Chandra Holsten says:


  8. Pichay says:

    ah yes, winter silence…yet, I hear Her singing…Earth Mother entwining with Father Sky.

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