She Speaks to the Night Sky

What rests below
does not sleep
unless by sleep
you mean dream
which she does
but not slumber,
the hidden soul
of her forest body
alive with minerals,
tiny hair-like roots
in stones awash
with breathing earth.
She will birth
and she will die;
we will grieve
and rejoice with flowers.
There is no end to color
or the story we re-imagine.
The sky god brings his light
yet what he brightens
is her mystery
dying and eternal.
Broken and ever whole
she speaks to the night sky
of all her many loves,
passing through space
with the whoosh of an owl.




Early Snack by Michel Roy

Photo by Michel Roy



14 Responses to “She Speaks to the Night Sky”

  1. Pat Fitzsimmons says:

    Beautiful feeling and imagery, thanks Don..

  2. Lawrence Hudetz says:

    Just a note to say Hi and wish you all the best for 2014.

    The owl is a powerful totem.

  3. wilder says:

    you have such a gentle touch, don…thank you

  4. Thank you a lovely poem, one I shall read often.

  5. A consummate and beautiful response, “of all her many loves.” The imaginal heart & mind in passionate union. Let that be my night devotion & song to the light shone, not unlike our Solar system’s music of the spheres! Beautiful imagery Don, thank you!

  6. ron laws says:

    In beautiful silent splendor

  7. Michael Cecil says:

    I read this tonight at an evening honoring Mary Magdalene. It spoke to her spirit in a very tangible way. The silence at the end was palpable.

    Thank you for saying it just right!

  8. jack says:

    Most certainly one of your best Don (but then, who’s comparing?). Very beautiful feel into richness of forest and soil and mystery……..

  9. Rose says:

    Poignant and deep. Potent lines:

    what he brightens
    is her mystery
    dying and eternal.
    Broken and ever whole
    she speaks to the night sky
    of all her many loves

    Thank you.

  10. Maria Jimenez Frid says:

    The flight of an owl is silent so the focus clearly need to be in the understanding that under the sometimes screaming darkness is the story that illuminates. The birthing and dying cycles continue undisturbed, the seeds germinate quietly, The owl must be known not heard. Thanks, friend, for another penetrating meditation.

  11. Paul Blythe says:

    Honoring “Mother Earth” in this way has called to my love of symbols.

  12. Jamail says:

    And you speak to many lines of communication uniting all of us into a delightful, vital link between nature and consciousness. I am honored to be attached to this live vibrant link. Thank you Don fo bringing a constant reminder of our value for this difficult time in the world.

  13. David Banner says:

    Brilliant, haunting, primal images, Don…beautiful!

  14. Teresa says:

    Although so many of your works resonate with me, this one in particular is somewhat eerily poignant. Having just lost my mama after a long illness, the beauty within this ‘story’ reminds me of her many loves: the earth, the sky, the mysteries we absorb and exude daily…
    Broken and ever whole
    she speaks to the night sky,
    of all her many loves…
    Thank you so much! I feel the slow ascent from grief to refocus on the beauty and grace she personifies for me.

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