Calm in the Rapids

Together we hear the waterfall
like thunder in the distance;
rapid after rapid
the spills and breaks
have worn thin our gear,
our determination.
We carry an image in our hearts
of a green valley beyond the precipice
yet the fear of what approaches
runs through our nerves like water.
We cannot reverse; the river calms
opening a space to recover,
to gather what we need inside.
We look to each other with a smile,
a joy that can only be human;
we won’t turn back
the river is guiding us.


4 Responses to “Calm in the Rapids”

  1. Eek eek eek
    Giants in the land
    Economic failures

    Eek eek eek
    Toxicity all ’round
    Earth changes
    The future


    I am the space to recover
    then to go on

    Take your tar babies elsewhere
    They bore me

  2. Sandy Jensen says:

    I love river poems of every ilk; they cam and steady me with their mysterious onward rush from the watershed to the sea.

    The grammatical error of “shift in person” (see rule #2 on this website: is a bit unsettling as I don’t know whether to connect with the narrator “I” or some more amorphous “we,” but overall I love the irreversible rush against our nerves–biological disaster, perhaps, but also just that sense of “tempest fugit.” Then, as a dismount, the sense that the river itself is a guiding force–I love that…

  3. admin says:

    Thanks Sandy. The grammatical catch was very helpful. I changed the first person opening to third person and left the remainder. Much appreciated!

  4. Rosalyn Axe says:

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