Before Descent

The sun is south
in the morning sky
as if it were leaving us
with colorless farewell,
the gold of autumn burned
to brilliant white;
through bare arms
and empty branches
lace fingers speak
the hunger of the earth
in dark outline
against December skies,
stirred and lifted
to the last of the sun
before descent
and the long rest
of winter.



Before Descent


8 Responses to “Before Descent”

  1. Maria Jimenez Frid says:

    Ah, restful slumber! Have a wonderful holiday my poetic friend and thank you for the elegance of your expression! I always welcome it with wonder!

  2. Marco says:

    Where I live, December sunsets provide daily color extravaganzas over the Atlantic. Recently the sun has been almost one-upped. About 3 hours after sunset, the moon dips to the very same point in the horizon, waves goodbye to Venus (its companion for the early dark within an arc of a few degrees) and slips its up-turned new-born sliver below a thin blanket of cloud, briefly engulfing them in reflected light. Then she goes chasing after her beloved …

  3. You captured it Don time for us all to retire to the medicine lodge 🙂

  4. Robin Bryant says:

    What a beautiful choreographed dance of images through words. How perfect a setting for acknowledging the rising and the passing of Nelson Mandela. In these last days of Autumn, may we plant new seeds of love into the earth in honor of the new birth of freedom he brought to all of humanity. He showed us what love can accomplish, now it is ours to give unconditionally. What joy there is in creating a new earth .. together.

  5. Tom Wilson says:

    There is just so much subtle music in this homage to the seasons of our lives. It’s a real gem, my brother.

  6. David Banner says:

    Sitting here in Costa Rica, it is hard to relate to this but, upon our return to chilly Wisconsin, it should be NO PROBLEMA!

  7. Thanks Don, the dormant season sits upon me like autumn leaves warm the earth, providing quiet cover for life churning below the surface. Always you capture the essence of life moving in rhythm, awakening something asleep in me.

  8. Katherine O,,,Neill says:

    I am left here in a moment of sacredness after reading your poem and the beauty it evoked in the responses. Thank you so much…..all of you!

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