Pulse of the Deeper Sea

Rain plunks loud on the metal roof
then slows to the drip of the eave
as rain clouds pass to the far mountains
filling rivers with their autumn run.
The sea rises then the wind lays down,
during the breaks the rest between waves
breathing slowly as the earth quiets,
the need for intensity diminishing,
silent and still on the pulse of the deeper sea
the water below, dark, impenetrable,
home to the unknown
as clouds break and shafts of light
reach down then fade
and the next storm approaches.




8 Responses to “Pulse of the Deeper Sea”

  1. Lloyd Meeker says:

    I love that sense of “the turning underneath,” Don. Beautiful.

  2. David Banner says:

    Beautiful description of the coming of the winter

    …and of the deepening mystery.

  3. Robin Bryant says:

    May I always dive deeply .. and rise within the shafts of light. Both are my destiny .. in both I discover reality. Thank you Don.

  4. So visual! Of course, I want to create a shot list and run right out and shoot video for it, but alas! The Great Wall of Grading looms before me…

  5. An image on “Pulse of the Deeper Sea” surfaces as collective heart and leads to pondering the metaphorical significance of whales? Beautiful connections and symbols…

  6. Tom Wilson says:

    Lovely, Don.

    “Of bygone Merlin, “Where is he who knows?
    From the great deep to the great deep he goes.”

  7. Beverley Berk-Boon says:

    My first deep experience of the fact that I was totally separate from my body, occurred, breathing deeply in concert with the waves. The enormity of the Atlantic Ocean allows for long spaces between the
    crashing of the waves. The normal expiration is just as long. Being in that moment, suspended in the Soul, is everything. This is my constant meditation. thank you for expressing this so beautifully.

  8. Pichay says:

    I access sound of current waves through memory of past waves, the sweetness does not waiver, so penetrating is the deeper sea. The silence of sub-zero air and powdery snow drifting around me where I am suffices for participation in same rhythm.

    Thank you.

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