You and I have been together
since the sun first glinted in the shallows
beneath your wading skirt and laughing children,
around campfires, torturous loves,
over countless rivers and mountains,
before the poisoning and earthquakes
when the seas were smaller
and our original home intact;
after a thousand mornings
while rivers yet flow and tides awaken
I call out to you from this city street
above the rain soaked trees
singing the voice of our long, long love
reaching out as you give birth.


8 Responses to “Singing the Voice of Our Long Love”

  1. It rained yesterday. The first since last snowfall. During the rain, I remembered rivers and tides and went to bed in the sweetness of moisture. Today, in the returning dryness, I remember to keep our original home intact if only in my heart.

  2. Michael Cecil says:

    So beautiful and tender, evoking deep memories of wholesome, healthy origins. Yes, a long, long love….

  3. Robin Bryant says:

    As a resident, may I consistently learn and love from the
    unconditional creativity and generosity of her spirit, and join
    in singing ‘thankfulness’ with all who reside here now.

  4. Keith Fairmont says:

    Exquisite beauty expressed through these words. Singing requires one to express oneself, to know one’s place in the “original home” being side by side the many others who occupy this beautiful home. Thanks for bringing this to life!

  5. Richard says:

    Words beautifully brought together, love wonderfully expressed….

  6. Jim Frid says:

    Beautiful, Don.

  7. Pat Fitzsimmons says:


    having just spent four days camping at the mountain lakes, being visited by a pair of bald eagles and their fledgling chick, I am very much imbued with the spirit of your words. I particularly honor the increasing suppleness of your heart, evidenced by the quality of your poetry these last few weeks.

  8. William Comer says:

    I observe that I cannot accuse, blame nor condemn….and sing my gratitude….
    at the same time. I sing nigh continuously….for this is a long, long, long love.

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