Letting the Sky

Filled with doing
I claw back from the crowd
for space to breathe,
like a bird high in the tall firs
I let the sky reach through
and change the gravity of bone
to weightless flight.




16 Responses to “Letting the Sky”

  1. Gene Latimer says:


    “Letting” seems to be the key verb now.

  2. David Banner says:

    This accurately describes my state right now….freedom for a lifetime of DOING!

  3. Michael Cecil says:

    Amen, I say! This is my edge.

  4. Stan Grindstaff says:

    Design of being in seven lines–beautiful…

  5. Virginia Schoen says:

    Don, I loved this lovely short poem, thanks.

  6. Marco says:

    See you there, royal eagle

  7. Athena Coleman says:

    Why has it taken me a lifetime to allow myself this space?

  8. Lee Cundiff says:

    Indeed! …defines the feeling I have when flying my Stearman bi-plane!

  9. Beverley Berk-Boon says:

    I love this,Don

  10. Grant Williams says:

    This makes me think of an elder surrendering to more being and less doing. I am in denial, Don, of my elderhood. I am a 70 year old doer. No complaints, just the truth. I will go out on a ski slope or on a dance floor or doing personal growth work of some kind. Just thought I would tell you what your poem drew out of me this time.

  11. Katherine O,,,Neill says:

    Thanks, Don I am that elder Grant mentioned..finding being fuller with riches than I could have predicted. I find joy in just being open to the day..my present moment..welcoming it all..grateful for surprises nd struggles-(the gratitude comes a bit slower here!)..Thanks for the imagery of birds and sky breaking through

  12. Maria Jimenez Frid says:

    To me, life is movement and change; doing is a must. My being craves the weightless flight of creative action! I will move until I am unable. Thank you, dear friend, for putting into rhythmic words this profound truth.

  13. Is it “I” who is filled with doing or the crowd?
    Either way, what I love about this poem is the active verb “claw” and the extended bird metaphor. As a bird photographer, this identification speaks to me.

  14. Tom Walsh says:

    Ahhhh….Nice. I’m relaxing already….

  15. To me, you’ve just described the mundane to esoteric aspects of retirement.
    I pull back and breathe before plunging into the doingness of daily life taking the sky with me.

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