Remembering Thankfulness

I seem to be going backward
with more questions than answers,
losing control in painful movement,
nostalgic more than thinking ahead
and a few dozen different signs
that the apogee of adult life
is in my rear view mirror
when the engine coughs, sputters,
and surrounded by a barren landscape
I turn the key off,
the motor sound dissolving
into the chirp of crickets,
the hooting of an owl,
the glare of headlights gone
while above an arc of stars
in shimmering streaks.
The fresh smell of night,
the long dry day passing
into a cool refreshing dew
and I step from the road
remembering thankfulness
into the soft sound
of grass crunching
and my own heartbeat
deep within the earth.




25 Responses to “Remembering Thankfulness”

  1. Rick Lathrop says:

    Thanks, Don.

  2. Andrew Shier says:

    Thank you for this, Don. No matter what, there is always thankfulness. What a privilege to embrace that awareness.

  3. Tom Walsh says:

    Yea, life can be difficult, noisy and we’re getting older….
    but beneath the noise, where we connect, it’s good… beautiful…. eternal….
    Thanks for keeping these coming Don!
    I’m always glad to see the next new title..

  4. Sylvia McAfee says:

    Don, that is beautiful and refreshing: Makes me stop and look forward to…………………………………………… thank you.

  5. Tom Wilson says:

    Beautiful, Don. I’ve been having similar feelings at this age. In my rear view mirror I keep seeing the distant road sign for happiness, and I wonder why so many strive so hard to reach that state line when every step returns the soft crunch of blessedness that’s always been there for us. Thanks.

  6. Scott MacRae says:

    The silence is golden, so is the crackle, the crow and the moment.

  7. Pat Fitzsimmons says:

    Thank you Don, this is the perfect poem for today. So simple, direct, and accurate. Gratitude always puts the mind at rest….

  8. David Banner says:

    Stunning! And that is exactly where I am in my life.

  9. gus duffy says:

    if we’re not in gratitude, we’re not paying attention. this is the best day ever.
    nice reminder Don—

  10. Robin Bryant says:

    Within the clattering of other ‘thoughts’ of what adult age is, I get to live a gorgeous new cycle to be outrageously creative with. Transforming all I knew into now, I see my eternal dance grow and glow with Thankfulness! Thank YOU Don, for re-forming natures lessons into ‘heart thoughts’ made visible!

  11. Jim Ehmke says:

    Indeed Don, the “now” is so sweet when we turn off the engine of the self-active mind with all it’s questions, doubts, criticisms, fears and pain. “Now” is always as it should be, the past never is…….because it never was. Letting go of the past opens the way to the arc of stars, the fresh smell of night, the cool refreshing dew and the miracle of healing. So be it.

  12. ron laws says:

    reaching, touching in gentleness always revealing

  13. Carol Carlson says:

    Thank you
    for giving us words
    of yourself
    so intimate

  14. Jim Frid says:

    Thanks, Don. Always good to remember thankfulness.

  15. Inside it’s quiet, timeless. Thank you for writing from that place.

  16. Maria Jimenez Frid says:

    When I find myself in the dark side of the moon, I remember thankfulness. It is indeed the spark that lights my world. Thank you, dear friend.

  17. “I turn the key off.” Good symbol for staying in the present.
    Gonna use that phrase.

  18. John Connor says:

    Lovely, Don. I’ve been in a cycle for a little while of “nostalgic more than thinking ahead”, and feeling fine about it. (And yeah, the present moment is okay, too.)

  19. Chaz Burton says:

    Sweet! “…my own heartbeat
    deep within the earth.”

  20. Bob Hollis says:

    Old friend of the past said, “An attitude of gratitude brings altitude”. From Bill Bahan. My sentiments exactly.

  21. robstar says:

    Deep wisdom of a life well lived – thank you – beautiful!

  22. David Barnes says:

    Don …

    so lovely, and true that the expression of the spirit of thankfulness, of appreciation, is the key which opens the door to the abundance always available in the heaven of the earth at hand

    “our conversation continues in silence
    that underrated third voice that never interrupts
    and always has something worthwhile to say”
    (from: Gordon Hempton, One Square Inch Of Silence)

  23. bill dare says:

    Gratitude is alpha and omega for this Elder.

  24. Ana M Lizano Hurwitz says:

    Beautiful words of wisdom. Your poem came just in time, I’ve been feeling nostalgic for some days gone by and was forgetting to thank the universe for my blessed and present life. Thank you!

  25. Pichay says:

    In gratitude I am content. Than you, Don, and each one.

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