The King of Complete Incompleteness

Like a stone in the shoe
the wound does not heal
‘til what wounds is removed,
the body revealing
what the soul wants to speak;
a parchment in symbol
of influences unseen,
the testimony in dreams
but written in the body.
Letting go, just that,
then more letting go;
the path of the angel
softly upon the earth,
head high and quiet.




10 Responses to “The King of Complete Incompleteness”

  1. Gene Latimer says:

    “then more letting go”…yes

  2. T Johansson says:

    You have surely pierced the veil with this one, Holy Brother…

  3. Robin Bryant says:

    I love sitting at the edge of the ocean, watching the waves being formed, released and returned. Surrendering .. releasing .. surrendering .. releasing .. surrendering .. releasing. There is joy in the rhythms of soft quiet breaths letting go of held stones and returning home.

  4. Nancy Rose Meeker says:

    Yes Don, the constant in life…

    Letting go, just that,
    then more letting go

    Beautiful lines –

    the path of the angel
    softly upon the earth,
    head high and quiet.

    Thank you.

  5. Pichay says:

    …head high, and quiet. frogs do not compete to sing the coming of rain, they sing together…throats high, “ribbit” rhythmic….

    …head high, and quiet. i do not compete with you, brother, warning the coming of more change, greater change…we sing together, poet and reader, male and female, sister and brother…

  6. Bill Dare says:

    What a beautiful Sovereign you are, Brother.

  7. Sarah Hanson says:

    Shhhhhhhhhh……..Listening, listening, listening…………

  8. Each time I shake a small pebble out of my Birkenstock I think of it as healing my under-standing. I cannot ignore it and keep walking more than a few steps. It’s a small matter to address the pebble with a pause and shake, but essential to my moving ahead. Heel, toe, heal, and go.

  9. Tom Wilson says:

    Thanks, brother Don. Beautiful and insightful. This poem is timely for me as I have been pondering lately the deep mystery, intelligence and wisdom of the body which science still separates from the body and gives residence in the mind…but what is DNA if the not the “testimony in dreams but written in the body,” the luminous history of existence alive in body consciousness, and “the dearest freshness deep down things,” as Hopkins wrote in “God’s Grandeur.”

  10. Pat Fitzsimmons says:

    Oh yes Don, the body is our faithful messenger, ever reminding us of what we have tried to overlook. I love this poem as it accurately conveys a part of my story.
    Thanks and love my brother……

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