Day of Creation

We cannot close a space created,
remove the indelible marks
carved upon life’s tablet,
bonds forgotten until drawn
by a gravity of feeling,
the awareness of dream,
space dissolving
as if time had no effect,
in the mirror of our eyes
the eternal unbreakable,
the day of creation
with us once more.





10 Responses to “Day of Creation”

  1. John Albright says:

    Live every moment alive and conscious! Pure words, Don.

  2. Adrianna Carr says:

    “the eternal unbreakable.” Now there’s one to ponder. Thank you, dear friend, for the way you make my heart sit up and take notice.

  3. David Banner says:

    In each present moment,newness….celebrate!

  4. Glennifer Gillespie says:


  5. Tom Walsh says:

    Thanks Don! Ain’t life grand!

  6. The day of creation with us still…we’re honoring and celebrating.

  7. keith fairmont says:

    The Joy Of Creation Expressed On Earth — What can be better than that?

  8. Lloyd Meeker says:

    At the risk of being maudlin, I found this poem sad, rather than happy. A stern declaration that true creation can never be obliterated by those who don’t notice it’s there and behave as if it’s not.

    Sacred space created is unbreakable. I find comfort in that.

  9. Hmmm not sure what to say, Looking for a central image past tablet…always in favor of dreams, time, and mirrors in a poem, though.

  10. Virginia Schoen says:

    This arrived on the day we heard of our grandaughter having a brain tomour. We are taking her to the Mayo Clinic next wk. she lives in Mont and is married 31 yrs old with 3 small children. You can see this poem spoke to my heart. Thanks again

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