Back to Life

Somewhere the ocean rages
with waves like cliffs
and shrieks of wind;
somewhere rivers fall
with the gracefulness of snow
yearning to the sea;
somewhere a man
gathers in the dark interior
holding a stone
with the essence of water,
kneeling on dirt
and seeing in his mind
the rising ocean
and stone lined cataract,
turning images to diamonds
by the compression of his heart,
the ray of light
from the mouth of the cave
drawing him back to life.




8 Responses to “Back to Life”

  1. We are headed to the beach momentarily, and this is a wonderful series of images to carry with us. I love your increasing use of effective extended metaphor and chained images to take the poem on home!

  2. Pichay says:

    Thank you, Don. All dust and drops return to the ocean home. Oh, this watery home, even my watery beginning,returning me home. I would that my remains be released to the grand womb of my ocean home.

  3. Bill Dare says:

    Took me straight to the reemergence from many lodges I’ve participated in through the years, Don. Thank you… it is good to remember and honor the earth, the wind, the fire and the water.

  4. Tom Wilson says:

    So, what a powerful holographic rendering of our beings and the movement toward radiance. Breathless.

  5. Grant Williams says:

    Had me from the first line, one of my favorites…

  6. Jack says:

    Somewhere, yes somewhere…….I am in this poem……and that’s the best thing that can happen to me when I read……thanks Don…..

  7. Stan Grindstaff says:

    Graphic evocation, Don. How marvelous the elements conspire in my body with each cell a pulsating universe alive with light & sound…

  8. Nancy Rose Meeker says:

    I really get you in this poem, Don. Profound.

    I send my love.
    Nancy Rose

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