To Stand in the Clouds

In his presence
memory returned
of another world
with riches of truth,
of what life means
beyond the animal,
but then the man was gone,
quickly as a bird
with fluttering sound,
barely an image
and what was left
but the long curving path
up the high mountain,
not to the top
but near enough
to stand in the clouds.




13 Responses to “To Stand in the Clouds”

  1. Tom Walsh says:


  2. David Banner says:

    Wow, Don…. evocative for sure!

  3. Maria Frid says:

    The man was gone but left me here with the lingering and loud message inplanted in my heart, to be myself! Thank you dear friend!

  4. Pichai says:

    May golden memory be illuminated in our Presence, whether we stand in the clouds or in the crowds. We are the alchemists present now. Let it increase. Thank you, Don, for honouring our journey.

  5. Bill Dare says:

    Have you ever shared the clouds with a loved one? Great memories of times past and future passage..

  6. T Johansson says:

    Bravo to my mystic-poet brother!

  7. Marco says:

    How fitting! Reading this half way up the Teide volcano … tomorrow I should be on the summit, at 11000 feet, above the clouds …

  8. As the animal world writhes in turmoil of change, I feel safe standing in the clouds near the top. Waiting, I can almost see the rest of my body ascending the long curving path to the clouds. Just as I can almost see the top. Clouds feel like electromagnetic tissue that connects us wherever we are on the mountain.
    The man is gone. His vision still lives in the presence memory he gave us. Thank you, Beloved, for such a gift.

  9. Shareen says:

    Wow—evokes memories……

  10. Francine Elena Ladd says:

    what a fun journey i just took with you in your words; love that we are offered this true to everyday life, resurrecting choice! gives new meaning to cloud atlas! Thank you….

  11. You thrum a string that runs through many hearts, maybe all…

  12. mark dellamano says:

    There is a book I open almost everyday, yet still not often enough, and in it I’ve placed a card with this poem. I want to make sure it stays in my memory.

  13. Don,
    This poem immediately made me think of my dad–and I started to make a video in my head. Strong memory tugs…

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