Be Still and Know

(for Kay)


She could worry again
from the long list
voracious in their appetite,
the noise of their engines
rippling through the night,
betraying the dark
surrender of root
with money, sex,
what might have been
reliable actors
ready for their roles;
instead she chose
the line from her diary
when she stopped to look
through the convent window
and saw the universe
in shape of a cloud,
the vibrancy of blue
speaking directly to her
and again this night,
encouraging the barking dogs
to be still and know
the life that’s always present.




13 Responses to “Be Still and Know”

  1. Robin Bryant says:

    Yes! No matter what the chaos is . . . Life!, is Always Present! Thank you Don.

  2. Anne Blaney says:

    Wow Don, that was like watching a scene in a (private) movie. It was so visually and emotionally expressive, and an honour to have shared it. Thank you.

  3. David Banner says:

    Once again, Don, rich images and a poignant plea to BE STILL and let go of the long list of “to-do’s”!

  4. Jack says:

    what a beautiful transposition of emotions and energies Don……..this is one of the sweetest of yours that I’ve read (and I more than read it…..actually kind of squeezed and melted and morphed right into the poem)……brilliant……

  5. Pichay says:

    Thank you, Don. I was learning “The Celestial Gate” , Taoist stillness meditation just a couple of hours ago. Humanity is in a “stepping back” mode seeking sure footing in light of a barrage of unsure steps. The Way forward is a dance step: some steps forward a few back, then forward, etc.
    A privileged to be gainfully employed in the sustaining of stillness, with stellar associates.

  6. Katherine O,,,Neill says:

    Thanks, Don

  7. Athena Coleman says:

    I love the beautiful power of this piece.
    I love the beautiful power of this peace.

  8. Jim Ehmke says:

    Beautiful, Don. Reminds me of I Ching lesson on Stillness, #52: “When a man has thus become still, he may turn to the outside world. He no longer sees in it the struggle and tumult of individual beings, and therefore he has that true peace of mind which is needed for understanding the great laws of the universe and for acting in harmony with them. Whoever acts from these deep levels (of stillness) makes no mistakes.”

  9. Bill Dare says:

    So long as I draw breath I have life and presence is my choice. Thanks for this beautiful reminder, Don.

  10. Andrew Shier says:

    Thank you, Don. “Be Still and Know” – probably the 4 most profound words ever recorded. You propel them now into this age with the substance of much living flesh behind them, including your great love.

  11. Tom Walsh says:

    Beautiful. Thank you Don.

  12. John Haugse says:

    Lovely poem indeed. I found myself reflecting on the origin of your title, .”Be Still and Know that I am God”. A phrase that has stayed with me and applies in so many ways beyond what is commonly thought by Bible readers, as you so clearly demonstrated in your thoughtful poem.
    thanks for including me in your continued work.

  13. Monika Wadhwa says:

    Ah! Thanks.

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