If Not Tonight

I keep company with the moon
rising round and full
before turning
to darkness;
outlined in cloud
she asks if not tonight
when will I love her
and stay home
from wandering,
the bare limbed maples
bulging with life,
subduing the pain
of all things mortal,
joy like sap lifted
in clear metallic light.



Sea rock


7 Responses to “If Not Tonight”

  1. Adrianna Carr says:

    Yes, Don, you have lifted “joy like sap” within me. For this, I am ever thankful.

  2. Bill Dare says:

    A wonderful reflection of Luna’s Love.. Thanks Don.

  3. Pichai says:

    How often, in my lust to share the beauty of this lunar member of our community, in all her phases, to passersby even–yet no awareness, no looking up. ohh, to look up ever continuously in life…..from Moon, past Sun, to Orion!…..from momentary currents within, to deeper joy! Thank you for your inspiration, brother.

  4. I almost got that same full moon photograph last night, caught as it was in the arms of the cherryblossoms–and maples! but I left my battery in the charger.
    Yes! I see this poem in the sky during this April full moon…

  5. Rick Lathrop says:

    Thanks, Don for this poem. I appreciate your artistry in utilizing images from nature. I was interested this week to also read the following from my Zen calendar:

    To remove oneself from the doting of kin and family, to sit upright in a grass hut, to circle beneath the trees, to be a friend to the voice of the brook and the hue of the hill–these are the practices adopted from the ancient sages and the model for ages to come.

  6. This poem touches me silent.

  7. Stan Grindstaff says:

    Don—after catching up on a few months of your poems,
    I’m experiencing a gentle swirl of images & sensations,
    parts of my consciousness rearranging
    & aligning with yours no doubt—
    elemental forces of friendship at play…

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