Hands and Feet

Between me and thee
thin blades of grass,
light breeze upon the sea;
clouds in luminous mountains,
otters among the rocks,
the ebb tide gathering force
as I lift out over the water
the harmonic reset
of birth saline and rich,
knowledge in my bones
of growth and dying,
the cry from soul
more piercing than the gull,
telling you in simple words
of love for all you’ve given,
pardon for the many griefs
and the honor
of leaving on the tide
when the pull of moon
becomes too strong
for hands and feet.




Waldron stone


7 Responses to “Hands and Feet”

  1. Mary Lodholm says:

    Don! This is arrestingly beautiful. It’s as if you have been walking beside me this week. I wish there was a way you could feel my gratitude!

  2. Virginia Schoen says:

    Don, I really liked this! it seemed so timely for this Holy week. Thank you.

  3. David Barnes says:

    My dear friend

    Most Intimate & thus imbued with Beauty.

    So close & yet defined within plenty of Space.

    Dimensionless within all dimensions of this

    Holy Place

    we call the human body

    & know

    as this incarnation

    Within the Everlasting

    I Am here.


  4. maria says:

    There is no need to add more words or connective tissue to this – you need a Like button!

  5. Pichai says:

    reflecting back to you, Don, and to all my friends
    telling you all in simple words of love for that which
    all of you have given, forgiveness for all griefs received
    apology for all griefs bestowed and the honor of
    leaving on whatever tide is my ticket to ride–I AM
    now here.

  6. Rich says:

    Today my husband’s father, my loving father-in-law is being cremated. I shared this poem with family members just now as we all pause again to honor this beautiful soul.
    Ernest Sposato II, travel onward knowing you are wrapped in love. His message while we on the Big Island sipping a Mojito 18 months ago was, “Look around! This is all FREE! Most people don’t get it…it’s all FREE!”

    Thank you Don. You have always been such a loving inspiration for me, from the moment we met. Look around……
    Much love and gratitude.

  7. Chris Frey says:

    Personal favorite.

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