Rare and Precious

She’s a gift you see
rare and precious
like wild grass
or heron in flight;
beyond imitation
and gemstone perfect.
I swear off disbelief
while she dresses,
the fullness of life
so unexpected
and practice like a child
on the impossible violin
amazed and delighted
over and again
by the appearance
of music.




13 Responses to “Rare and Precious”

  1. Keith Hancock says:

    This ones a keeper!

  2. Robin Haysom says:

    Gosh I love this! Thanks Don!

  3. Sylvia says:

    Well, that is tender and beautiful…and, thank you.

  4. Scott MacRae says:

    Beautiful Don.

  5. Bill Dare says:

    Love is the most precious music, my Friend… thanks, Don.

  6. Very nice. Loaded with worthy phrases to impress a lady. I just might borrow one or two…….

  7. george g says:

    Thank You Don. I am blessed reading your words.

  8. Eilish says:

    Really beautiful dad.

  9. Bev Berk-Boon says:

    Straight to my heart, as you always do.

  10. donnarheath says:

    Love becomes beauty even as beauty engages love and calls us to life.
    Thank you Don

  11. Perfectly balanced between lover and grand daughter in its tone of respect and awe.

  12. Rare and Precious is exquisite. Breathtaking.

  13. Tom Wilson says:

    Don-This poem too is a rare and precious gem in which the words, the music, and its heartbeat deny any attempt to paraphrase it into meanings. It simply touches
    deep within you that which is unsayable.

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