She Simply Says Yes

The Earth may be tired of giving birth
to countless leaves and birds
from the fountain where we drink
the daylight of our one precious life
while losing source in our crowded cities
where roadside trees provide flowers
for their own funeral.
Perhaps She is not tired
perhaps it is only me
my feeling of loss for Her altar
yet in a shallow lake today
beside a highway two swans appeared
one nesting a muddy trash strewn island
the other fishing in the brown water
and I heard Her say yes
to all Her many children including me
She loves us whether we know or care
and to all who live
in Her one mysterious home
She simply says yes.


7 Responses to “She Simply Says Yes”

  1. Betty Doerr says:

    Oh Don, She (and I) are glad you wrote this.

  2. Bill Dare says:

    Thanks for sharing the perspective… so refreshing.

  3. Medicine Elk says:

    I can only say….Yes.

  4. Maria Frid says:

    Mother’s Day is on Sunday. As I read this, I am reminded of the unconditional love that my own mother gave me, she is gone now but givingness was unstoppable. She was often under appreciated & tired but continued to give of her love. Our earth mother constantly emanates grace & beauty. And like spoiled brats, we dismiss her, take her for granted & abuse her. I am appreciative of the fact that there are those, like you, Don who do love her & actively work to value her! I love her too!

  5. suzy bennett says:

    beautiful Don

    The humility inherent in mother earth…one feels the YES and it is key to whom we are and our ability to say yes too….

  6. Wise Elk says:

    Thank you, Don. May we all learn to say, “Yes”…to Life, to our Mother Earth, to one another. May we all say, “Yes” to the Great Happiness that is without suffering.

  7. Gene Latimer says:

    I believe that is what Gaia is asking of us now as well: to simply say “Yes” to the invitations of Life, to surrender at long last…surrender our arrogance…our “clever” attempts to control…our mental constructs of dominance…to simply drop into our hearts and be.

    thank you

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