Returning to Life

What to do
returning to life
after triage and repair,
no bullet to the head
or wreck on the highway
but a death for the soul,
with images of self
dissolving like water,
reaching for your hand
before I know to form words,
the incisions slow healing
and then the day softly opens
like an eyrie above
the spreading land,
safe against the rock
of all that’s gone before,
looking into the distance
with infant gaze,
old wisdom in the eyes,
the illusion upset,
heart open, determined
not to be undone.





13 Responses to “Returning to Life”

  1. Sylvia says:

    WOW…beautifully done…I can see the faces and feel the events…Thank you, Don.

  2. You’ve captured a universal moment of gratitude I’m sure everyone can relate to!

  3. Xavier Coleman says:

    Right on! A new day! Thank you Don.

  4. john haugse says:

    loved the new poem, Don. I’m just finishing a new animated film inspired by a poem a friend of mine wrote. I’ll send you a link to it through dropbox. You have to sign up for the service but it’s free and pretty easy to do.

    I’d be curious to see what you think of making a film from a poem. It was pretty tricky.

  5. David Banner says:

    Don…as Rumi suggests…we have to get up off the floor numerous times in our lives as illusions continue to fall away….well done!

  6. Tom Walsh says:

    Thinking of you my friend. Onward…

  7. I am reminded of the movie’s version end of 2001, a Space Oddysey….
    Keep’em comin’

  8. Maria Frid says:

    Happy to hear you are feeling better, Don! Your poem speaks to all of us who have had burdens of the body that left us with “infant gaze” and a sense of uncontrolled vulnerability. I have lived that sense, I am glad to say so that I may be practiced and prepared for the right and ultimate letting go of control. Wisdom informs along the way. Thank you for speaking volumes and for your determination “not to be undone”!

  9. gloria says:

    and such is life my friend… we claim the moment with grace and wisdom and cherish the newness.

  10. Bill Dare says:

    Welcome back, Bro… Love ya. Nothin’ like “… illusion upset” to open the heart in Gratitude for this man.

  11. Katherine O,,,Neill says:

    It is a great gift to receive your experience of this event in your life, Thank you, Don

  12. Carol Carlson says:

    Softness and openness, in between realities, fragility of body, illusion upset, safe against the rock, reaching for your hand. I’ll have to quote the whole thing for my favorite passages! I love it. So glad you share your experience through words. I’m forwarding this to my writing group.

  13. thea says:

    Glad you came back.

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