Secret Flower

Losing grip not letting go,

falling void yet holding

chord woven in light

to every mortal thing;

bend deeply not to break,

supple flows, rigid softens,

secret flower held within

waiting for its moment to unfold.




12 Responses to “Secret Flower”

  1. Marco says:

    autumn sonnet … thank you!

  2. Thank you, Don, for this beautiful description of my vision of humanity.

  3. Tom Wilson says:

    This beautiful poem had to be an “incoming.” Thank you very much for sharing.

  4. Bill Dare says:

    Healing is such a Beautiful Revelation, eh Bro.

  5. Carol Carlson says:

    So gentle.

  6. David Banner says:

    Yummm…beautiful images…..

  7. Sarah Hanson says:

    Destiny……so lovely Don. Thank you….

  8. Pichay says:

    Thank you, Don. I substitute “loosing” for “losing” to apply to my quirky ways. Hahahaha.

    Gorgeous gift through you from the Mother. Gaia shows us this wisdom in myriad ways.

  9. donnarheath says:

    life healing and flowing on…Don to wellness “whole-ly” ness.
    Be well..

  10. Well, Marco, not a sonnet! He’d need another sestet to get that. Don, I love the central idea and imagery in this poem. The shifting verb forms unsignalled by punctuation, though, distract me from my right brain over to my left! (The “loosing” comment above makes no sense to me, btw!) “Losing” is correct and locks you into a grammatical obligation to continue the -ing parallelism…which you start with “falling” and “holding.” After that, all verb bets seem to be off, and the careful reader is left foundering for a place to stand from which to absorb the nuances you intend. Yikes! Sorry to be the only one commenting thusly…feel free to tell me to back down and be nicey-nice! 🙂

  11. Lloyd Meeker says:

    There are plenty of logical paradoxes in the experience of surrender, not the least of which is triumph inside yielding. I think the poet’s linguistic choices are a healthy reflection of the reality being explored, and I don’t find them misleading at all.

  12. Athena Coleman says:

    I liken this poem to an abstract painting – the image may not be clear, but the intent certainly is and that is what I see, what I hear and I find it accurate. The way these words flow convey much more than the mere presence of the letters, much more than the splash of paint I may be looking at – – – . I appreciate all the comments that further flesh out the experience of this piece.

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