Above the Ridge Line

Land sloped up from a dry creek bed
where tumble down buildings faded in the sun;
beneath the willows a story
imagined long before the journey.
Spike thorn tore our clothes,
thin gruel the only food.
Climbing broken ledges
to draw what piñon rooted
from the rock strewn scree,
we followed clues, laboring to be kind
while something old and unborn
waited above the ridge line
calling us into the land beyond.



6 Responses to “Above the Ridge Line”

  1. Lloyd Meeker says:

    Such a powerful honoring of passage, Don, and healthy perspective on what comes after that passage — the land beyond. Thank you!

  2. Tom Wilson says:

    Oh, how you see the divinity in the things of the world for us. Beautiful, Don.

  3. Ron Laws says:

    There seems to be always more – calling. Wonderful to hear that voice in your words, thank you for the foothold

  4. Don I love that “imagined before the journey” as my de je vue reminds me, I’ve been here before. What a trip!

  5. Bill Dare says:

    Reminiscent of many Journeys past came to mind… thanks for the shared reminder.

  6. serena newby says:

    it is powerful. A bare bones Haiku, evoking longing and familiarity. you are moving in the company of the great pacific,north west writers, Lilbrn, Bringhurst, Doyle and Duncan.

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