Sound of Life

There’s light on the headboard

from a break in the curtains

and the sound of you stirring;

alive to this life

the moment flashes

despite the list of tasks,

the burdens carried,

the curtain open

just a fraction but open

to the sunlight

and sound of life

from your sleeping body.



12 Responses to “Sound of Life”

  1. Eilish says:

    This is really beautiful dad. Your content comes through in this, it is well deserved.

  2. Marco says:

    Ditto per Ellish. I can “taste” the moment …

  3. Lloyd Meeker says:

    There’s such power in that peace. You remind me to really BE in those moments, instead of trampling them on my way to the list and the burdens. Thanks, Bro!

  4. Lee Cundiff says:

    Your words speak volumes. Great!

  5. I think of positive, beautiful,rich,vibrant_ _ _ and all of the magnificent
    characteristics of life, and you captured it perfectly.

  6. Bill Dare says:

    Evocative.. thanks for your Gifts, Don.

  7. suzy bennett says:

    the simplest thing..the graditude..the moment, the present ..we so often long for and there suddenly it is…!

  8. Sylvia says:

    As my 3 yr. old great-granddaughter once said: ” beeeutifuuulll, just beautiful!

  9. Athena Coleman says:

    Nothing really gets done in an honorable way until moments like this are not only acknowledged, but truly allowed to move us, as this poem does.
    Thank you for your open heart and willingness to be present in front of all of us.

  10. Pichay says:

    Gratitude reigns.

  11. Bev Boon says:

    You remind me of the truly potent, that gives reason to living.
    The irelevant in that moment , takes it’s place. It’s only sunrise and you revel in that moment. Thank you for sharing the intimacy of your heart..

  12. Don, I am captured by the melody, its like a scent of rose wafting through my world. Wonderful and poignant.

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