Quietly Awake

After a night of rain
with clouds so dense
the full moon barely shown,
a gray morning
of dim light and showers;
tall evergreens stretch their limbs,
birds circle in the mist and quietly
the budding plum tree awakes.



photography by Louis MacKenzie


5 Responses to “Quietly Awake”

  1. John Gray says:

    And, despite appearances, perhaps, here we all are quietly living your beautiful metaphor of universal spring.
    Thank you, Don. Love your word magic!

  2. David Barnes says:

    Lovely Don. Tender and soft, and the air is heavy with moisture. With you, today I am the budding plum tree.

  3. Yes, Don, we are waking up ….collectively,I trust!

  4. Stan Grindstaff says:

    Beautiful Don. What is unsaid is as evocative as what is said—the ascension cycle is unstoppable!

  5. Tom Figel says:

    Don, in addition to the poem today, I appreciate the reminders of The Irish Girl, a good prompt to dip into that fine feast of Don Hynes creativity. Thanks.

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