Dream Bridges

Then one morning it was done,
the cloud cover complete
except for a peep hole in the east
with a few rays to remind us
the sun would still be there
when winter had run its course;
the sea become a beautiful grey,
the forest floor damp and musty,
mushrooms growing in near-light,
the earth tugging us gently
back into the timeless sleep
where we could dream and forgive
and build bridges to a beyond,
bridges that only emerge
from the deepest dark.



Waldron shore


7 Responses to “Dream Bridges”

  1. Oh man, you are deep into coastal dreamtime lately, I’m glad to see. Images, images, images, that’s The One True Way!

  2. Tom Wilson says:

    Beautiful. The darkness from which comes the gifts of the invisible. Reminds me of Rilke’s “You, Darkness,” from his Book of Hours.

  3. Maria Jimenez Frid says:

    I love the journey into the deep, creative rest that is winter. All is born in that quiet sleep. Beautiful poem, my wonderful word-meister!

  4. David Banner says:

    Yummy,Don….I can taste the mist and feel the bridges that my soul builds….and the picture beckons us with a visual compliment…

  5. Bill Dare says:

    Going within to Forgive… ah yes! Forgiveness comes from Love and I must Love myself in order to Forgive myself and all others.

  6. Pichay says:

    breathe deep the gathering gloom,
    season next will bring new bloom.

    (now you got me going…). Thanks much, Don

  7. Paul Blythe says:

    Thanks, Don, for drawing attention to nature’s revelation of our Earthly home.

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