What the Earth Will Write

The tides move slowly in October,
sea changes mild and quiet,
rolled out and back like a soft cloth
draped over calm water;
even the birds go silent
as the autumn sun slants
with the message of winter,
peace turning down and in
like we may, resting from our troubles
just this one year, letting go to absorb
what the earth will write on still water.




Sun rising


10 Responses to “What the Earth Will Write”

  1. Tom Wilson says:

    “what the earth will write on still water”‚ĶBeautiful line, beautiful poem. Let autumn unfold the script.

  2. Athena Coleman says:

    This is simply gorgeous, the last line in particular. My new favorite.

  3. Pichay says:

    It is HER diary, what She writes…I am content to curl up under Her warming wing, and maybe even remotely snooze with bear. Orion soon returns to Light my Way through this season. I will gladly continue to share with Crow, Magpie and Raven my sustenance.

  4. Bill Dare says:

    Deep… thanks for this reflection, Don…

  5. David Banner says:

    Letting go is a theme that I am embracing now in my life….troubles are all mental and imaginary……thank you, Don…..the earth is writing on still water….in me…..

  6. Richard Sims says:

    Thank you for this mornings blessing.

    We are all connected.

  7. Love the pictures. What a nice touch. I am ready to ski. That is how I embrace what will come with the cold………..

  8. Pat Fitzsimmons says:

    This poem leaves me “speechless”, with a deep feeling of resonance and gentle movement. Thank you Don.

  9. Rodger Hyodo says:

    the wintering sun offers a distance, some space, for earth and stillness to do their bit of writing — thank you Don

  10. From the moment I saw the title, I was thinking about the maxim that history belongs to the victors… The what the earth will write will last longer than any other account of what happened on its surface. I find real peace in that.

    I can see the earth’s version of a soft cloth draped gently over smoothing waters as the conclusion to the “unevolved human era” chapters of the story. May evolved humans be witness to what happens after…

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