Beckoning Onward

This day is my life,
just this one, this moment,
everything else a story
I tell myself or listen to
while real life passes
on the flowing tide,
heading south
toward the moon
silent and unseen,
beckoning the sea
and my quiet soul




Beckoning Onward


15 Responses to “Beckoning Onward”

  1. Lee Cundiff says:

    Thank you Don, I always enjoy your work. Each one causes me to pause for a moment and reflect.

  2. Robin Bryant says:

    ” .. everything else a story”. How this quiets the mind, and releases the heart to soul communion. Thank you for your gems Don!

  3. ron laws says:

    Always a story always a reason, missing the mark – how beautiful to touch it to be it – thank you brother for the presence in this one

  4. Katherine O,,,Neill says:

    “”This day is my life” . This focuses me this morning and I thank you, Don. I notice my quiet soul and let it lead me.

  5. David Banner says:

    Brilliant…and everything else IS a story…a happy story, a sad story, but a story nonetheless!

  6. Jim Ehmke says:

    Beautiful, Don. Indeed, this moment is and always will be my life……everything else is, as you say, “a story I tell myself or listen to.”
    Thanks for sharing true-self through your poetry.

  7. Stan Grindstaff says:

    Who can resist the steady spiral?

  8. Gene Latimer says:

    Feeling mostly what others have named…and do want to acknowledge the fitting combo of the photo with this poem

  9. Nancy Rose says:

    Yes. Beautiful.

    Thank you.

  10. lb says:

    Brought me to tears and made me sit up taller…just for this moment.
    Thank you Don!

  11. Maria Jimenez Frid says:

    Beautiful poem, Don! This is the ultimate awareness in my opinion, when you realize, this is my life and I paint the canvas. Thank you, as always my friend!

  12. For years, when people asked about my earlier life, I told them it’s not my story anymore. Still do. Now I know that this day is my story, tomorrow another, unencumbered by the past. Hmmm…now what kind of author am I today?

  13. lovely and true , Thanks Don

  14. Pichay says:

    Excellent…Thank you Don.

  15. Bill Dare says:

    Grateful for your shared gifts in THIS MOMENT, Don.

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