Healing Dark

Months gone

seasons pass

autumn light

spring preparing

shaman’s blade

bile extracted

nerves spared

laser piercing

cells removed

father freeing

past and future

wisdom singing

chorus softly

darkness healing

life rewoven

new beginning.


18 Responses to “Healing Dark”

  1. David Banner says:

    I’d say there is lots gong on in my friend’s life!(smile)

  2. Tom Walsh says:


  3. Love to hear this one recited. Are you familiar with Ethridge Knight’s work? He was/is an inmate at Folsom prison….

  4. T Johansson says:

    YES! Lean and mean. I like it. I’ve lived it. We all have…

  5. Bill Dare says:

    Gratitude, Bro!

  6. keith fairmont says:

    it is a miracle to be given all the chances to succeed over and over again. One day, this too will end. But for now we bow in grace and beauty for the being granted another turn with the master weaver. can’t wait to walk by your side some day soon.

  7. Kim says:

    ‘Rewoven’ is a wonderful visual for this new path before you (and me)!

  8. Lloyd Meeker says:

    So many gifts, so many miracles. One big gift to me is that you’ll be around longer. That’s huge for me.

  9. Jim Ehmke says:

    Love your style and substance, Don; clean, succinct, direct. Less is more.

  10. Bob Weaver says:

    Don, The healing is a miracle . Sustain it with sprouts, melons, whey and determination. I’m sending many arrows of esp.

  11. Pichay says:

    spinoff from L. Cohen tune maybe fits for a loving and grateful comment:
    Oh, the blessings of mercy
    They are not departed or gone
    One was waiting for you
    When You thought you might not go on
    Now I give you this comment
    And later I’ll sing you the song
    I’m so glad you received one
    You, who’s been traveling so long.

  12. Xavier Coleman says:

    Thanks Don! Beautiful words used to clothe your experience. I stand with you in this adventure.

  13. Tom Wilson says:

    There’s so very much in this little poem, and so much tenderness for this journey we’re all on in this benevolent darkness. Thanks!

  14. donnarheath says:

    Rejoice in healing and rebirth in the dark, rising again and again to the Light and our shared gladness.

  15. I had breast cancer surgery in winter, 10 years ago.

    “darkness healing, life rewoven, new beginning.” expresses what I felt then, and the gratitude I feel now. Thank you for the universal beauty and the gritty truth of your poetry.

  16. Tom Wishing says:

    Continue the healing and we’ll see you in July.

  17. Ron Laws says:

    back on line and – –
    thankful that
    through a dark night
    the voice of a beautiful river
    can still be heard

  18. Bill Crosman says:

    Thank you for this, and for your integrity and many gifts so freely given over the many years.

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